ECLIPSE – JUNE 10, 2021

The eclipse is happening. Many people are feeling the effects of it already. I have a friend who flipped out and flipped his couch over, only to suffer the lower back pain that comes with doing outrageous things at our age. Speaking of age, I am feeling it right now. There was a time when I could work all week and then go out dancing all weekend. Not so much, anymore. Now if I get to a few necessary errands, and see a friend over the course of two day weekend, I call that a “Win.”

After COVID is finally settling down, you would think people would go running naked through the streets or something. Some people are. Most people aren’t. Most people are still finding their way through this weird, but possibly wonderful time. The summer is upon us and we have the chance to be together again. We have the chance to hear live music again. To dance again. Yet, at this precise moment, the moon blocks out the sun. Humm… Coincidence? I think not.

I feel this eclipse time is one of reflection. Yes, the sun is shining brightly right now …BUT not so fast. Maybe we all need to take a moment to reflect on all of the intense emotions we have stored up or experienced over the past year. How many of us felt lonely, isolated, or frustrated? I believe the eclipse is telling us to look at that stuff and be honest about the suffering we have gone through. We can’t heal ourselves if we won’t be honest about it. Then, once we have looked at the past year with compassion, turn that loving compassion toward YOURSELF. Do whatever it takes to heal – treat yourself to a massage, aromatherapy, or actually go into counseling if needed. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! We have all been through so much. We deserve it.

The other thing I think about is not to expect too much of other people right now. Some are not ready to meet and mingle yet. They will be, someday. So, my advice is to have a “wait and see” attitude toward people and events. Go with good intentions everywhere and allow for others to join you at their own pace. I am learning this, slowly, surely.

I just want people to know that I go through my own self-doubts and I feel so much compassion for other people who suffer from this too. I think it is extremely important right now that we bless each other with our love, when and if we can. Please know that if you feel the moon is blocking your sun, and you aren’t sure why or what to do about it – just know that I feel great compassion for you. Feel free to email me, bless me with your insights and keep in touch. We will see the sun again soon! And someday, if we both want to, we can run naked through the streets! (Or something! ;-))

Published by TERRI L MEIGS

I am an Inter-Faith minister, writer, and public speaker on topics of: meditation, Ancestry and inter-spirituality

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