A “Spiritual Smile” is that moment when nothing is perfect… but in a way, everything is. In this blog I will explore this moment with you

Let’s just face it, 2020 sucked. Forgive my language, but it really did. But as you know, I always try to find the bright side – anything that will help me and others to smile just a little. This year I do have some things to smile about. My family is doing well and everyone is healthy and relatively happy. I really do thank God for this. I wasn’t able to be with family this Christmas and tonight I won’t be able to be with my close friends who always have a great New Year’s Eve party. And I won’t be able to go see one of my favorite bands and favorite people this year. I’m sorry, that sounded super pathetic, huh? I’m just being real with you. Ok, ok, give me a minute… I will find something good – even through all this. One good thing comes to mind right away. Several good people have reached out to me lately with such grace and friendship. A few folks even sent me little presents that I never expected! That makes me smile. And, I am very grateful for YOU – my website and Facebook family who have been there for me during this crazy year. Like most of you, I have gone through a lot of ups and downs. I truly believe that all of us on the planet right now have a special mission. This pandemic has caused us to find new ways of helping each other and befriending each other. Many of you have done this by sharing your journey honestly and lovingly. Many of you have listened to me when I was sad, silly or just needed a friend. I am very grateful for everyone who has “Liked, Loved and Shared” my messages of hope and/or my silly jokes. I may be a flawed human being, but you know what? I plan to reach out to others more and to share the good times more and to dance more and to yes, smile more – much more in 2021. I hope you will join me, in one way or another, as we explore a new, more joyful new year!

Small Christmas Smile – 2020
This year I had to be alone during Christmas. Damn COVID. The whole year has sucked. Big Time. How do I find a way to smile, even now? When the Grinch stole Christmas, all the presents, all the decorations – at least the Who’s down in Whoville had each other. This year, even the comfort of others was stripped away. Oh I spoke to people on Zoom, or phone, but you know it isn’t the same. Not even close. I feel especially far away from dozens of superficial “friends” who I see at concerts, dancing. God, how I miss live music and my favorite bands!! So how to find the “Spiritual Smile” – that moment when nothing is perfect but somehow, EVERYTHING is? I don’t know right now. I am struggling with this. I guess all I can say is that when you really strip away everything at Christmas, all you have is Christ. He IS the “reason for the season” after all. That may sound super corny but it’s true. I thought a LOT about Jesus during this time. Why he was born, where he was born, what it means to you and me. Even if you are not a Christian, Jesus was a pretty cool guy. I mean, he healed so many people! On both a spiritual and physical level. The whole thing about rising from the dead – I think it’s real. In some magical mysterious way, Jesus is real. So I am alone, with Him. He heals my heart. That makes me smile. And I know my friends and family are here for me…just down the road a piece. We are not so much apart in distance – but in TIME. They are down the road in time. All we need is just a little bit more time apart. Then, like the Grateful Dead say, “One way or another, this darkness got to give.” I give thanks for all my loved ones. You know who you are and how much you mean to me. Until we can be together again, I smile.

Tell me about Your SPIRITUAL SMILE!


You know what gives me that “Spiritual Smile”?? My good friends and family! I am so grateful and blessed to have many good people in my life. Honestly, my life isn’t perfect. But with these good souls, I know I can make it through anything. And I have been through a lot – people have seen me through a lot. So I want to be there for them, too. I can do this because others have done this for me. For example, when I published my book a bunch of us got together to celebrate. It was one of the most rewarding moments of my life – to give out free books to these wonderful women who have supported me and encouraged me over the past nine months, while I was writing and writing and writing… and writing some more! These beautiful people, among many others, were always there for me. My family has been wonderful too. Talk about Spiritual Smile!! Here are just a few pics from my official book launch party! Many thanks to all my friends and family!!

OCT. 17, 2020



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