Well folks, we have all been through a LOT lately! I don’t know about you but I am still trying to make sense of it all. I am still trying to find the “spiritual smile” part – where I feel understanding and the “peace that passeth all understanding.” I have not found it yet, but I feel it is close.

First of all, the New Year was supposed to be a great relief from all the death and confusion of 2020. On Jan. 6th, the confusion became greater than ever. After years of right wing conspiracy theories, people had enough. They didn’t like the outcome of a properly performed USA election. Storming the Capitol was not an isolated event. It started years ago with “news” outlets that encouraged viewers to outrage and distrust. On BOTH sides. Beware of any organization that encourages you to hate, mistrust, and villianize. The assault on our Capitol, and the injuries and deaths that occurred, are the products of all that.

Meanwhile, we can have a new start. It will take ALL OF US to believe in PEACE and yes, even LOVE. We have to embrace our brothers and sisters and offer them the chance at a new beginning. THAT is the only thing that will save us from ourselves, from our own anger. No, we won’t agree on everything. Can we agree that the environment is important? Feeding people is important? Uniting families – that is important? If we can agree on a few fundamentals, I will find that “Spiritual Smile.” AND, so will you.

Published by TERRI L MEIGS

I am an Inter-Faith minister, writer, and public speaker on topics of: meditation, Ancestry and inter-spirituality

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