About Me

Ever since I was a child I had deep spiritual feelings that grew even stronger as I got older. I traveled all over and learned from some wonderful people, such as Ram Dass. Long story short, I became an Interfaith Minister from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in 2005. In my career, I help people with issues of poverty and disability. I don’t do this for the money, but because I have been through it. In both my profession and avocation as a minister and writer, I always try to inspire people to live their best life.

Overall, I believe love is in the trenches, God is everywhere and in everyone. My purpose is to bring that love to the surface and share God’s love with others. To that end, I have written a book on meditation, called Five Minutes with God. I hope this will be a tool of exploration and inspiration. Just FYI, I am a work in progress, AKA not perfect. But trying my best, just as you are. So, be in the trenches of love with me. See God in everything with me, together we will find a way.

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