The Blessing of Friendship

Yesterday I held my first official, unofficial BOOK LAUNCH PARTY and BOOK SIGNING with a few close friends. It was “Official” in that it was an actual event that happened in real time, not Zoom, which is rare these days. It is “unofficial” in the sense that we simply met for lunch, had a lot of great conversations and caught up on each other’s news, family stuff, work stuff and going back to school stuff. In these days of COVID, meeting in person is an extra special celebration. Meeting in person with these ladies (we call LOL) is at the top of most enjoyable things to do.

These amazing, beautiful women have supported me through good times and bad, through my ups and downs, through weird stuff you can’t even imagine. They have been a calming and loving presence in my life. They knew that writing a book wasn’t easy for me. I had many moments of what I call “Freak Out!” But still they encouraged and cheered me on.

This is especially true of my friend and publisher and author in her own right, L.M. Pampuro of Grateful Publishing. Without her, FIVE MINUTES WITH GOD would not exist. So today I give thanks for good friends. I will be adding more pics and more of my thoughts as time goes on. But today marks the first “official” and somewhat funny and always full of love moment – that was my book launch party!!

If interested, please go to or your independent book seller to order this relaxing and spiritual book on a simple meditation technique that can help everyone, regardless of religion, or lack thereof. As always, let me know what you think of this or other spiritual matters important to YOU! Many Blessings to ALL !!

Published by TERRI L MEIGS

I am an Inter-Faith minister, writer, and public speaker on topics of: meditation, Ancestry and inter-spirituality

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