joy returns!

After a long, tough winter with every human problem a human can encounter, finally as summer comes near – the joy in life returns! This is in large part to the wonderful support of friends, family and various health professionals. I am not ashamed to admit I reached out for mental health support too, which helped tremendously. Please consider doing this as a gift to yourself if you are feeling stressed or stuck in ways of being that no longer serve your highest self. I am feeling much lighter, both mentally and physically. (I literally lost 30 lbs!!) So with that lighter feeling, I am ready to let more light and joy into my life. I believe this will be a brand new start for many of us, full of good music and reconnection to loved ones. Please reach out to someone if you aren’t feeling it yet. Hope is there, right at your fingertips…deep in your heart. With much love and joy for all, I send my blessings!

Published by TERRI L MEIGS

I am an Inter-Faith minister, writer, and public speaker on topics of: meditation, Ancestry and inter-spirituality

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